A Life-Changing Move

JulieTo the people who have been my supporters and stood by me and the dogs, I would like to share some very important news with you all:

Due to health issues, there is going to be a huge change in my life today. I am saying goodbye to my home, and all the wonderful memories I have had here and moving to New England. It has come to a point where I am no longer physically able to do the type of rescue work I have done in the past. Change is always really scary, but I am excited to start this new chapter in my life.

Rescuing animals is not a job to me, it is my life. So when I could no longer endure the physical nature of caring for all the dogs at the farm I got really nervous. When PAWS New England offered to move me and all my dogs closer to helpers and supporters, I started to cry because I was so relieved. I have always known that PAWS would do anything to help my dogs, but now I see that they would do anything to help me too.

My biggest concern about moving was the dogs I would leave behind. So, for the last few months, PAWS New England, my friend and local co-rescuer Benita Hurst, and I have worked out a plan where I can continue to rescue dogs from Missouri. We have arranged for people to receive and care for the dogs that are inevitably going to be dumped at my farm. When they are ready, those dogs will be transferred to me at my new place in Rhode Island. PAWS New England will continue to accept dogs into their rescue from the gassing pound I have rescued almost 300 dogs from in the last few years.

No words could ever explain to you how much your support has meant to me. Not only did you save my dogs, you saved me too. I feel as though all of you have been my angels, seeing me and the dogs through troubled times. I can never thank you enough. You have my love and admiration. I hope that I will get to meet many of you since I’ll be a “local!”

Julie Adams

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