A Remarkable Recovery

PAWS adopter Pat Schomer adopted Rags (aka Gizmo) shortly after her beloved Willy passed away. Within just a few weeks of the adoption, Rags had a terrible accident and fell down a flight of stairs. He was left paralyzed, with no bladder and bowel control and his prognosis was grim for any kind of meaningful recovery. Many people would have given up hope, but Pat pursued every possible avenue she could and met with a neurosurgeon and lined up weekly acupuncture. After months of round the clock care, a miracle happened. Rags starting wagging his tail..then he started walking again…and recently he has started to run! The transformation has been truly miraculous and exceeded any expectations of the veterinary community. There is no doubt that there is something truly healing about the relationship that Pat and Rags share. We can’t thank Pat enough for sticking by Rags and nursing him back to health. He is another incredible story of survival!

Watch this inspiring video created by Rags’ adoption coordinator and PAWS volunteer Kit Reardon. It will surely bring a smile to your face! Rags is now back to his normal self and enjoys nothing more than playing with his sister Scarlett and his Mom Pat.


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