A Trip with Priscilla

Peter and his PAWS dog Priscilla love taking trips together:

Hi Guys,

Hope all my friends at PAWS New England are doing well. Priscilla and I recently returned from an absolutely fantastic eleven day vacation that we spent at The Lazy Dog Inn in Chocorua, NH.

During our stay, my girl and I awoke every morning before dawn and drove 5 minutes on Rte.16 to enjoy an invigorating hike around White Lake as the sun rose over the mountain tops. Absolutely beautiful! Priscilla had a ball, especially when we would venture into the woods via a side trail on the far side of the lake. Soooooo many interesting things for her to sniff!

Later in the day, the two of us would go for a walk behind the inn, venturing into the woods and following a meandering, picturesque river. Again, lots of great smells!

A superb time was had by both of us and, as the attached photo shows, we both left New Hampshire feeling very happy and quite satisfied.


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