An Update on PAWS New England

Earlier today, you may have heard that PAWS New England is close to shutting down. This is absolutely not true.

Six years ago, Traci Wood started Tipton Treasures, the organization that eventually became PAWS New England. Last week, Traci left PAWS to restart Tipton Treasures. She’s in the process of refunding her organization, and mistakenly gave the impression that she was representing PAWS in her efforts.

PAWS New England is stronger than ever, and will continue to have a meaningful presence where it all started in Tennessee. We’re well-funded, well-managed, and our amazing team of volunteers allows us to spend 99-cents of every dollar we take in on our dogs.

We wish Traci well in her new endeavors, and will continue to save dogs’ lives for years to come.

Thanks for your support!
Kelly Parker
Cofounder, PAWS New England

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