Annie is Found After Six Weeks!

After six weeks on the run, Annie is home! Annie escaped from her adoptive family within days of arriving and PAWS has engaged in an all out “dog hunt” ever since. Annie’s former foster Mom, Stacy Landau went every day to the area where she was lost. She actually managed to trap Annie on July 8th, but Annie escaped from the trap as it was being moved into the garage.

Most people would have given up hope, but Stacy said she made a promise to Annie the first day she was in the woods that she would bring her home, “no matter what.” So Stacy- along with a group of highly committed volunteers- placed food in the traps day after day and waited patiently.

Perhaps the most incredible twist in this story is that Annie eventually found her way into the farm of former PAWS adopters– Bev and Jim! They had adopted “Rascal” two years prior and were amazing during this entire saga. They moved the traps and kept a vigil for Annie stating, “We are a firm believer that some things are meant to be and in our animal guardian St. Francis.

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