Athena is a 3-5 year old Great Dane/ Pit Bull mix who will warm your heart with her story of survival. Her heroic rescue was only possible thanks to an amazing collaboration between PAWS New England and the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. From the bitterly cold streets of Detroit to beloved rescue dog, Athena has quite a story to tell!




Hi guys, my name is Athena and things didn’t start out so great for me. I spent the first part of my life on the streets of Detroit. Let me tell you, as a stray dog, that is not the place to be. It’s rreallly cold during the winter and sometimes people aren’t so nice to you. Lucky for me, the great people at Detroit Pit Crew picked me up one day when I was freezing and brought me to the vets because I hurt my foot and needed something to eat. I stayed there for a few days before these nice people from PAWS New England came and picked me up. The lady who picked me up said my life was “about to change forever!”

Wow, was she right! I can’t believe how much better life can be when you don’t have to worry about being cold. Or about people or other dogs being mean to you. Or about being hungry all the time. I think I have slept for almost two weeks straight, I didn’t realize how tiring it is to be scared all the time. I really like to nap. A lot! And my favorite thing in the whole wide world is to cuddle. I kind of hope I get to do that all day ever day. I don’t need a lot of exercise, just let me put my head in your lap and I will be good as gold!

I would really like it if I could spend as much time with my new forever family as possible. I get kinda scared when I am left alone. I haven’t made a mess in the house at all, but I do cry a little. My foster Mom seems surprised, but sometimes when she is gone, I let myself out of the sliding glass door to go into the yard and check to see if she is coming back. I guess she thought doggies can’t open doors, but I’m a pretty smart girl. I open my crate door too because don’t like to be confined in that little space. My foster Mom seemed really happy that I don’t do anything bad when I get out of the crate except organize her shoes in the middle of the room so I can snuggle with them. My favorite activity when my foster Mom is gone is playing with the puzzle games she leaves me. That ball thinks it can hide my treats, but I always figure out how to open it and get them out!

As far as other furry companions, the jury is still out on that one a little bit. I would be the easiest dog in the world for someone who has no other animals since all I do is tend to lay around. I could probably get along with another very laid back canine who will excuse my sometimes slightly stunted social skills. I would do great with a puppy that I could take care of (PAWS New England has lots of puppies available for adoption!). I should probably not go to a house with a cat since my foster Mom has no way of knowing how I would behave with those little guys.

As far as who I would love to be in my family, I don’t care if you are old or young. Skinny or fat. I would kind of like it if you are smelly, but I guess that is not a requirement. I like boys and girls, men and women. I’ll love you no matter what your religion, your politics, your race, your sexuality, or you thoughts on whether the dress is white/gold or blue/black. I just want someone I can adore and who will love me back. I promise I’ll make you feel happy and loved all the time if you let me…

Please, please, please think about adopting me. I promise you won’t regret it! To find out more and fill out an adoption application, please click here.