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The Story of Beau
Written by Beau (with the help of his mom Marie)

My name is Beau Daniels. For a 10 month old pup I has been on a wild ride. Let me start from the beginning. My birth mom was with some meanies at a puppy mill. They bred her at 8 months old and this Very Nice lady, Auntie Janice, rescued her. At the time she was with us pups! Soon after she was rescued she gave birth to my sister (I wonder where she is?), my brother who God has waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for the rest of us, and ME.

My adopted Mommy told me when I was born they said I looked like a Piglet and that’s what they named me. Mommy said I was to CUTE to be a Piglet so she changed my name to Beau. She says it means HANDSOME in French. What do I know! I am a Boston Terrier NOT a French Bulldoggue! Any who I got demodes mange at bout 10 weeks old. I had to get medicine baths and was treated for a long time! 45WHOLE DAYS!! They got rid of those nasty little mights though so I am grateful for that! Then I went to live with Auntie Betty. She was a lot of fun and even let me help with the laundry! She had ALOT of big dogs for me to play with. My favorite was a white Boxer named White Chocolate! She was my bestest friend in the whole world! I am very glad I got to spend time with Auntie Betty cause she is sweet and took very good care of me! Auntie Betty got in touch with Auntie Joanne of PAWS NEW ENGLAND fame. She knew my Mommy would love me like no one else and offered for her to adopt me. Mommy took one look at my pic and cried. She could not resist me! I am Pawsatively the Cutest little guy after All!

In the middle of July my friend White Chocolate and I got to go for a ride in a big trailer with lots of other dogs. I wasn’t sure what was happening but as long as I had my friend I was OK. We made lots of stops and then we ended up in Connecticut. (Where is this place anyway? I came from Arkanpaws!!!) My friend White Chocalate was taken out of the trailer first and met her new adopted family. They call her Bessie now. Then I got to get out and there was MY new Mommy! She cuddled and snuggled with me and PROMISED to NEVER LET ME GO! I thought UT-OH!!! What if I have to potty?! Mommy took me home, gave me a bath (she said I was stinky! I thought I smelled ok.), then she cut my nails! What had I gotten into?! Then I met my new sister Piper! She is a 2 year old Boston Terrier. She is a big girl but as soon as I saw her I knew we would be friends and started playing right away. Next came my new brother Dickens. He is a cat and fun to chase. He makes funny noises when I catch him. Mommy says I have to be easy with him. We’ll see about that!

Mommy and I have gone to Basic Obedience classes and I was top of my class of 3. Mommy is so proud she even framed and hung my certificate! I am now 10 months old and so Happy I can hardly stand it! We play, train, go for walks, we even went to the beach once but I hate the water YUK! So thank you Auntie Janet, Auntie Betty, and Auntie Joanne! I LOVE YOU ALL for helping me and finding me my Mommy and my FOREVER HOME!



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