Bodhi’s happy tail, shared by his new owners, Katherine and Sebastian:

Hi Kelly,

Sebastian and I want to wish you very Happy Holidays! I hope all is well with you and Brody and you are looking forward to a wonderful new year! Just wanted to pass along an update on Bodhi:

The week after we brought him home, we hosted our families for Thanksgiving and Bodhi got along swimmingly with my mother-in-law’s miniature dachshund, Ms. Lucy. They had a blast together – though it was very clear from the beginning that Ms. Lucy was in charge, as you’ll see in the photos of her sitting in his bed! After the excitement of Thanksgiving, we settled in for a few weeks of “every day life” and took your suggestion about crate training. Bodhi now spends the day in his crate with his toys and is walked every afternoon, sometimes with a Bernese Mountain Dog who lives in our building named Henry. He has gotten so good about his basic commands. He sits, stays and lays down on command. He also runs with me every morning (as long as there is no ice on the ground!) and has gotten so good on his leash. Last week, Sebastian took him for a walk and found two women with their dogs and he let Bodhi off leash for a bit to play with them and he was wonderful (came when Sebastian called him) and we’ve gotten a 100ft rope that we can tie to a tree near a big clearing by our apartment until he is really consistent with recall. Right after the big snow storm, we had him out in the clearing and he met a Puggle named Maggie and they ran each other positively ragged in the snow and loved every minute of it.

We just got back from New York City with Bodhi and he was on his best behavior the whole time he was in the big city. His only slip was right after he arrived in my in-laws’ apartment and he decided he needed to mark the Christmas tree – yikes!! Ms. Lucy really adores him and he has been so gentle with her. More often than not, he lays on the ground and lets her jump all over him, as you’ll see. They’re already fast friends!

All in all, I think he is finally settling in and understands that he is home. He was so happy when we came back from New York last night and he has spent the day at our sides, completely relaxed, all day today. He is an absolute dream and we are so incredibly grateful to you and to Paws New England for connecting us with him. I would love to get together with you and Brody in the new year and wish you all the best!!

Katherine, Sebastian, and Bodhi

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