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Bonnie & Bella

Bonnie and Bella’s happy tail, shared by their new owner, Wendy:


Hello!!! we have been busy today…the girls are such puppies!!! playful, inquisitive……and into everything!!! it’s like having toddlers in the house…twins! Our girls have all adjusted to each other just fine, my white bullie molly wants to mother everyone so this gives her a job. Bella is so frail but she can snarl those lips back and shows she means business. Bonnie is a bit larger but more nervous and timid. They are perfect.

I was afraid i would feel sad when i saw the truck full of dogs but it was actually so heartwarming and all the people waiting were meeting dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and some were happy and some were terrified. I could have cried. Thanks to Christina who was a huge help being there for an extra pair of hands…the girls were too nervous to even walk on leash. Gotta run. Hope you like the photos, will mail more as we get settled.


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