Breaking News- An Extraordinary Freedom Ride in Unfolding!

photo-1Right now, three weary PAWS volunteers are crossing the TN line after driving through the night all the way from New England. They have one mission- to pick up a dog who has every odd stacked against her.

“Dorothy” is a dog who has seen truly the worst of people. She was dumped in the country as a puppy and grew up as a unwanted, stray dog. She was never loved or cared for. Neighbors said that she has roamed the area for years, looking for food. They first noticed a month ago that she started to look skinny and finally called animal control when she became too weak to stand. No one took her for emergency medical care, no one sat with her and loved her when she was dying of starvation.

3Thankfully, the wonderful staff at Tipton took her in and local volunteers immediately called PAWS New England.¬†One of our youngest volunteers came up with the name “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz because she wisely noted that this special girl had spent her entire life trying to find her way home.

Dorothy has been out of the shelter for two weeks and she has been receiving emergency care. After we received concerning test results, the volunteers at PAWS decided that Dorothy would need extensive evaluation by our specialists in New England.

4So this team of three- our real life Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion- set out on a mission to bring Dorothy home. On their way, they may pick up a few more precious pups who will also make the ride. We invite you to follow along on our facebook page as they will be posting multiple updates, photos, and videos from the road. We will be revealing the true identity of these Wizard of Oz heroes on our too!

The van traveling back to New England will have many dogs that will become recipients of the “Owen Fund.” This is a fund designed specifically to fund veterinary treatment and care costs for dogs that have been victimized by abuse. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the time Dorothy and her friends arrive in New England. We have 72 hours. Please consider making a donation to this incredible cause by clicking the donate button below.

And, on behalf of the whole team at PAWS, please wish our dear friends luck on their trip! The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion have a lot of driving ahead of them and need your support!

Many Thanks!
The Pups and Volunteers at PAWS New England

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