Breaking News- An Extraordinary Rescue is Unfolding!

Owen_5Hard to imagine, but in just about 8 hours I will be boarding a flight to Memphis, TN. The last few days are a blur, but this photo sparked something that made all of us at PAWS say, “We have to do whatever it takes.”

Owen is just a puppy. He was found wandering the streets in this horrible condition. Owen’s hair loss is a result of demodectic mange. This is a treatable condition that results from neglect, poor nutrition, and high levels of stress. No dog should ever experience this much pain in a lifetime, much less a puppy in the first months of his life.

When I first saw Owen’s photo, my first instinct was to close my computer. I knew PAWS didn’t have the finances or the foster space to take in another special needs dog. But I was mesmerized by his photo and the pleading look in his eye. I sent a short text to our extraordinary volunteers in TN. That text ignited one of the most passOwen_2ionate responses I have ever seen. Everyone who met or heard about Owen wanted to help. So when every foster in TN was completely overwhelmed with other dogs and there was no space to put Owen, the words “I’ll just go and get him” kind of popped out. Thanks to the heroism of many members of the PAWS team, things immediately fell into place and, before I knew it, I had a donated plane ticket.

Today, I will be flying to Memphis to get Owen and driving him all the way back to Washington DC. In DC, Owen will be welcomed by a loving foster home and a team of veterinary specialists who will nurse him back to health. Our trip will be documented on the PAWS facebook page and I hope you will enjoy following along!

I am writing to ask our supporters to consider making a donation to “The Owen Fund.” This fund has been set up to cover Owen’s expenses and serve as a resource for other dogs like Owen who need a second chance. PAWS New England has a proud history of working closely with cases of abuse and neglect. Our organization has the expertise and the willingness to take on these tough cases- but often it is finances that hold us back from being able to step in. The Owen Fund will be the lifesaving difference for others victimized by violence and neglect and a testament to Owen’s courage and spirit…

Thank you, as always, for being such great supporters!
Kelly, Owen, and the Pups and Volunteers at PAWS New England

Kelly Parker
Cofounder, PAWS New England

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