Breaking News- Starbucks Lady & Julie Adams Unite for Unforgettable Rescue!

1902790_10105024958789184_2287367519696587970_nIn rescue, you have to make hundreds of difficult decisions about which dogs get saved and which dogs you cannot help. With the tremendous volume of dogs at Tipton and all those dumped at Julie’s farm, we rarely find ourselves in a position to be able to help dogs outside our network. But there are some photos where you simply cannot look away and move to the next email. Stories that demand nothing less than an extraordinary response. PAWS supporters, meet Penny Lane. We know very little about where she came from, what her life was like, and how she ended up in this horrific condition. We can only imagine her life has been one filled of pain, loneliness, and fear.

10436666_10105024959128504_2099695769153534257_nPenny Lane and her puppies were brought to an overcrowded urban animal control facility where euthanasia is the rule instead of the exception. She and her puppies have one of the worst cases of demodectic mange that we have ever seen. I saw her photo, felt nauseated, and tepidly called the shelter. I assumed multiple rescues would have come forward to help her, but I had to know for sure. “Sorry mam,” I was told. “No one has even asked about her. No one is coming for her. We have no choice but to euthanize them all tomorrow because the shelter is full.” The words No one is coming for her echoed in my head over and over again.

IMG_3611I called my dear friend Julie Adams in an absolute panic. How would we ever get Penny Lane and her pups to safety from a shelter, hundreds of miles away from any PAWS volunteer. “Let’s go get her then” said Julie in her matter of fact, quietly resolved tone.

So, tomorrow morning I will be flying to Missouri to pick up my dear friend Julie Adams and then travel south to pick up Penny Lane and her puppies Abby Road, Eleanor Rigby, Ringo Star, Sergeant Pepper, and Hey Jude. We will meet them in Memphis thanks to the heroic efforts of Kiki Robbirds, Deb & Jim Leddon, Jim Carney with Pilots n Paws, and the Owens family who came together, coordinated a flight out of Texas, and literally saved this family at the last second from euthanasia.

To support this trip and the extraordinary mission of the Owen Fund, an incredible PAWS donor is sponsoring a matching campaign in honor of her sister Deirdre Dickinson whose entire life was dedicated to saving animals. Our challenge is raise $3,000 in monthly donations in the next 72 hours. So folks, starting now until Friday night at 8pm ET, we both have monumental tasks. Julie and I will get this family to the safety of our most experienced foster homes with access to the greatest veterinary care on the planet. Can you support us in our matching campaign with a monthly donation by clicking below?

Pennies for Penny

Penny Lane, some one IS coming for you. And we will make sure you never want for anything ever again. We hope all of our supporters will join us on our Facebook page to see photos, videos, and updates from the trip.

Many thanks,
Starbucks Lady & Julie Adams
The Pups and Volunteers at PAWS New England

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