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Cary Grant

Cary Grant’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Regina:

Hi Jeff and Jo-Anne!

It’s been quite a while since I received my ‘puppy’, Cary Grant, aka Shiloh. His coat had finally grown out to the point of being unmanageable, so I took him for a professional grooming the other day. He now looks like a very large version of a Bichon! Most of the pros think he’s definitely a Bichon, not a Poodle, and he certainly has the personality and characteristics of one.

So I took some pictures, but of course he wouldn’t stay still until he was tired – and then I have him lying down. He just wants to play all the time and make a game out of everything.

He’s a cuddly ball of delight and I adore him. He follows me everywhere like Mary’s little lamb, he sleeps with me, and he’s so good in the car that I take him out often. He’s extremely affectionate and loves to kiss.

And Jeff, he’s extremely good with my 18 year old cat, who’s really happy for she’s become the Alpha for the first time. However, they’ve tangled a few times, especially when she decided that she liked to sleep in his crate! I resolved that issue by purchasing a soft covered bed for her, so that she could have her own seclusion and urged her into it with catnip. Now she hardly leaves it and hasn’t gone near the crate again.

Shiloh and I are in school now – obedience classes. He does quite well when he’s in the mood and doesn’t get too bored. He also tries to manipulate me out of making him do what he’s told, so my patience gets tried a lot. He’s very intelligent, but stubborn. He’s pretty good at obeying around the house, but not so good when we go to school, so he often embarrasses me, because all of the other dogs in class are under eight months old. However, I know I should consider him a puppy, because he didn’t have a life until he was rescued. So we’ll start fresh from there.

Ironically, the day I picked him up was Tyke’s 10th birthday (the little terrier I lost). That’s kind of an omen, I guess, that we’ll be as happy as I was with Tyke. Sorry to send so many pictures, but I really don’t know how to do much else with photos. I’m using a new program and I can’t seem to make it do what I want.

Thank you both for all of your help and kindness and for bringing me this little white fluffy ball of joy! It really was a great match (if my arm doesn’t fall off brushing him!) He is high maintenance, but it keeps me out of trouble. I have to go to ‘LaundroMutt’ about every two weeks!

I’ll keep in touch. I hope you’re both well and do have a wonderful holiday season.


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