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Cleopatra Blue

Cleopatra Blue’s happy tail, shared by her new owner, Donna:

Hi Joanne,

It was so nice to hear from you. Blue is doing great and has been settling in very nicely. She is’nt completely house-broken yet but has made alot of progress.

I don’t know if I told you that I adopted a German Shepherd that belonged to a friend of a friend. She is moving to Los Angeles & could’nt take her dog. I had met this dog many times and decided that I would love to add her to my ‘pack’. Her name is Mia & she’s 4yrs. old. Blue seems to think that Mia is her big sister and mimics her all the time They get along great. I’ve had Mia for 2 weeks now and Blue has been with me for 5 weeks. Can you believe it?

It just keeps getting better all the time!!! I’m sending you some photos of Blue and there’s one with my male dog, Kila, then Blue in the middle & Mia on the other side of Blue. Blue has become extremely loving and affectionate. She’ll kiss my face until it becomes chapped!!! I REALLY love her so much.

I’ll stay in touch and I hope all is going well with you & the rescue.
Please take care & stay well

Donna, Kila, Blue & Mia

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