Crunching the 2011 Numbers…

PAW New England had our ups and our downs in 2011, but we are excited to report that we ended the year on a wonderful note! The Matching Donations Campaign raised $14,341.76.

During 2011:

  • 474 dogs found their loving forever home through our organization.
  • 612 lives were saved from high kill shelters.
  • PAWS spayed/neutered 531 dogs. SpayUSA estimates that this has prevented 3,914,957 unwanted animals from being born over the next five years.
  • 2,085 new facebook users joined the PAWS New England page. 784 new people subscribed to our newsletter.
  • 588 people made 702 donations. The average donation was $68.73.

It’s hard to articulate our immense gratitude to all of you who made this possible. To experience this level of success in a year plagued with recession, a record breaking number of trauma cases, a heartworm medication shortage, and significant financial hardship- we are simply speechless that we were able to rescue so many dogs and end our year in the black. So please accept an enthusiastic “thank you!” for your incredible support, and know that every single volunteer at PAWS will strive for even greater success in 2012.

Want to help PAWS in our life-saving work? Donate, adopt, or volunteer your time.