Tell CT Governor Malloy, “Don’t Shut Down Rescue Work in CT!”

We at PAWS are extremely disappointed to let you know that the Connecticut legislature has passed a bill, HB5368, which will effectively end the ability of most legitimate rescues to offer affordable dogs for adoption in the state of Connecticut.

The bill was passed as an attempt to regulate the influx of dogs being brought in from out of state, but we believe this law would ultimately harm the legitimate rescues that are already operating under ethical and legal standards. You can read more about it here.

Under HB5368, a rescue legally bringing in fully vetted/vaccinated dogs from other states would be required to vet, vet and re-vet the dogs multiple times while in foster care, even in a private home. A dog that waits 4 months to find a home would have to go to the vet 4 times!

There is no way that most legitimate rescues would be able to handle the cost and administrative burden of this and many will be forced to close down. This will just leave a void which the disreputable rescues will step in to fill and will result with more sick dogs being brought in than before, with still no recourse for the CT consumer – the exact opposite effect of what was intended.

This bill has been passed and we need everyone who supports responsible rescue to be heard. It will only take a minute of your time and could result in saving thousands of dogs just like yours!

What can you do?

Please contact Governor Malloy

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