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Echo & Tyche

Echo and Tyche’s happy tail, shared by their new owners, Irina and Antares:


We picked Echo and Tyche (now Louise and Thelma) up from the puppy-transport early July 2008. They were shy little fluffs, light enough to be carried at the same time. It didn’t take long for them to get comfortable and show us all their quirks. Now they’re goofy little six-month-olds, chasing one another on and off the couch and following us around from room to room. They play together every waking minute, though their personalities couldn’t be more different.

While Echo is happy to just nap close to her humans, Tyche prefers scouting the room for chewable items she can snatch off shelves and from under furniture. She likes her belly rubs in the context of wrestling, while Echo will beg for a good belly-rub and hang out as long as you’re willing to oblige. At the dog park Tyche is often the prey-animal due to her small stature (she’s only 25lbs!) and her cat-like behavior (she will approach the newfoundlands and bat at their faces before turning to run like mad; even when she gets rolled–which happens not infrequently–she doesn’t stop the pawing and batting) and Echo likes to help the other pups bring her down. But within seconds, you’ll see them romping around the park, tails held high.

They’re both incredibly fast and love chasing one another around an open field, performing all kinds of acrobatics in the process. They’re fabulous off-leash while hiking and will wait for us if they notice that we stop and will come when called. They have learned “sit,” “down,” “watch,” and “stay,” though they’re not yet 100%. Tyche also loves to fetch and will bring the tennis ball back almost every time, dropping it at your feet. They are very happy to let us have whatever they’re chewing and don’t have the slightest food-aggression issues. They’re still a bit skittish around new people and around some large dogs (others they consider moving playgrounds), and excited kids and large men freak them out a bit. However, they take almost no time at all to warm up to new people, when introduced appropriately. We adore our little girls and thank everyone at PAWS for introducing them into our lives!

Irina, Antares, Echo, and Tyche

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