Four CT dogs found emaciated after breeder no longer had use for them – rescues needed!

Hello Everyone –

One of our volunteers found herself immersed in this situation a few days ago. She was told if no one took these four pit bulls that they would be euthanized the following morning. She acted quickly and agreed to hold them temporarily while we sought out assistance from other rescue groups and gathered more information about them. PAWS is unable to take in these dogs as our sanctuary was recently destroyed by the terrible flooding in TN and we are closed to new dogs until further notice. These dogs are originally from Connecticut and are now being housed temporarily in Lynn, MA.

We have received about twelve different stories about how this situation became a crisis. The obvious bottom line is that this irresponsible breeder profited off of these dogs for years and the moment they became inconvenient, he would not spend any time or effort to rehome them. His solution was to shoot the dogs because he “couldn’t afford the fee to euthanize them.” Whatever the actual story may be- these dogs have obviously been living in filthy conditions and PAWS is trying to determine if there is enough evidence for cruelty charges against the breeder.

Below are brief bios about each of the dogs. All of these dogs are currently NOT altered, but PAWS is working with our partners at Tufts to get this done immediately. We will do our best to send all these dogs to rescue up to date on vaccinations, altered, and heartworm tested. We are collecting more pictures and videos of each of these dogs, so please email me if you need them.

Faith: female, approximately 3-4 years old, recently had a litter of 8 puppies, black and white
Even though this dog has clearly had a wretched life, she is a dream girl. Gets along beautifully with other dogs and lives to be snuggled! This girl has been around children and cats in the last few days and has done beautifully. A breed ambassador that would do well in almost any environment. Her little eyes follow you everywhere as if to say, “Love me, kiss me, hold me!” She loves sleeping in bed with her current temporary foster ;) We believe this dog has been “debarked” as she has a very odd bark.

Kaitlyn: female, approximately 1.5 years old, most emaciated of the group, champagne colored
Playful puppy who gets along beautifully with the other dogs. She has not been around children or cats. Is a typically energetic, pit bull puppy who would thrive in an active household. Current temporary home is working with her on sit, stay, and basic house manners. She is trying really hard on housetraining. Very submissive.

Lexus: female, 5-6 years old, has clearly been bred multiple times, black and white
Currently at our volunteer’s home, Lexus has been absolutely fine with both male and female dogs. She allegedly had an altercation with another female dog while in her crate (??) in which her ear was torn and the other dog had damage to their front paw. She was also allegedly hit and “rescued” after being hit by a mack truck. We believe this dog has been “debarked” as she has a very odd bark. A little more dominant than the rest of the group and most likely to try and show others she is the boss, but can be easily redirected with voice. We call her the mother hen of the group! Already knows “kennel up.”

Duke: male, 1 year old, ears docked, tail docked, brindle
This boy is a lovable puppy and I am so glad he got out of this terrible situation while he was still young. Plays great with the female dogs, but seems to have some issues with other male dogs (this could have something to do with the fact that he is not neutered). Current temporary home said he is a very smart boy and would love to do some more obedience training. Would thrive in an active home!

Please email if you can help!

Kelly Parker

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