Gabby’s happy tail, shared by her new owner, Naomi:

Hi Ladies!

Gabby (Goldie) is doing fantastic! I’ve attached some pics of her at my parents’ cabin in VT and in our house. She is really loving life. She is such a sweet girl. I think she has some food sensitivity issues, so we’ve been working with our vet and local pet store to find a food that doesn’t upset her tummy. We think we’ve found a good option now. And we started doggie day care on Wednesdays. She LOVES it. This Wednesday she DRAGGED me out to my car; she was so excited to go see her doggie friends and play all day. Her separation anxiety has gotten so much better – she doesn’t cry when we leave her in the crate for the day anymore, and she’s not following us from room to room. We’re still working on getting the cat to accept her – the cat used to be the queen bee. Now she pretty much stays upstairs all the time and only comes down to eat. Its been a slow process but Gabby has been perfect – she just wants to be friends and doesn’t quite understand why the cat doesn’t feel the same way!

We’re having a great time with her. Enjoy the pics!


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