Gretel is Out of the Hospital!

Many of you were touched by the story of Gretel, a young dog who was found in the closet of a trailer being used to make and sell the drug “meth.” She came to my farm completely bald from mange and needed of lots of medical attention. After Gretel seemed to be getting better, I sent her to New England to her foster Mom Christen Kotch. Christen adores Gretel, and even created this awesome facebook page for her. So when Gretel woke up one morning and could barely walk and had bad tremors, Christen was really worried.

She immediately rushed Gretel to Cape Cod Veterinary Services and the entire staff there was simply amazing. They thought Gretel might be having a bad reaction to the medicine we were using to treat her mange. To save her life, they used a special therapy to filter the medicine out of her blood. The doctors told us, that if this was the reason she was so sick, we would see a major improvement in the first 18 hours. If she didn’t get better, they were worried that there was nothing they could do for her.

None of us could sleep the night Gretel was in the ICU. She had come so far and there were so many people that loved her. We could not imagine how hard it would be to lose her. But we woke up the next morning to unbelievable news- Gretel was getting better! She was wagging her tail, her tremor had gone away, and she was gulping up her breakfast. We were so happy and thankful to the doctors at Cape Cod Veterinary Services and Dr. Norm Stillman for everything they did to save our beautiful girl.

Now Gretel is back at Christen’s house and doing great. Her fur is growing back and she is starting to look great! Gretel acts like a normal puppy and her favorite thing is to snuggle with Christen and her girls. She is one special dog.

If you can, I am hoping you’ll make a donation for Gretel. Her hospital stay was really expensive and PAWS has been taking care of a lot of sick and injured dogs lately. To make a donation, click here. Thank you so much for supporting Gretel. It is really neat to watch so many people come together to make her better.

Thank you!
Julie Adams
PAWS New England
Featured in “One Nation Under Dog”

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