Gus Hawthorne Foundation Awards PAWS with “Second Chance” Grant

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PAWS is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded $1,500 from the Gus Hawthorne Foundation to fund the “Second Chance” grant. The Gus Hawthorne Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 Oregon Corporation that was established in 2010. This amazing organization provides financial support to non-profit organizations that rescue and care for domestic animals and wildlife. PAWS New England is honored to partner with this phenomenal agency.

The awarded money will go towards future missions like these:

From the pups and volunteers at PAWS- “Thank you Gus Hawthorne!”

What is the “Second Chance Grant?”

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In 2011, PAWS New England successfully rescued and placed 57 dogs that were victims of severe abuse and neglect. Many rescues are reluctant to take in dogs with emotional and physical scars of abuse because these animals tend to require significant financial and time commitments. PAWS believes that these survivors are at the very essence of the commitment rescue groups make to animals in need. Dogs that have been shown the very worst of humanity deserve a

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