Hachie Needs a Helping Hand


PAWS New England received an emergency call for help from a local veterinarian this week. A family came to her clinic with a 6 month old Shiba Inu, Hachi, who had been trampled by a horse and sustained a serious leg fracture. Sadly, the family could not afford to pay for surgery and said they could not nurse him through a recovery even with donated funds, so they asked the vet to euthanize him.

As Hachi looked up at her with pitiful eyes, the vet quickly realized she could not euthanize this vibrant, sweet puppy with a completely curable injury. She contacted PAWS for help and we immediately set about getting him the care he needed after the family gratefully signed Hachi over to PAWS New England.


Hachi has been transferred to our friends at Randolph Animal Hospital and is in surgery this morning to determine if his leg can be saved or if it needs to be amputated. PAWS has been bombarded with a large number of special needs cases over the last few months and we are taking a leap of faith that our fans will help us fund Hachi

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