Help us Bring Three Lost Dogs Home

Sadly, three beloved PAWS dogs are currently missing as of July 14th, 2011 and PAWS is doing everything we can to try and bring them home safely. There are many tools in place to help find lost dogs such as services that make thousands of phone calls, send out post cards, traps, trackers etc. but PAWS needs to raise funds to be able to afford such services..

Please consider donating to the “lost dog fund
” by contributing to this ChipIn Campaign or through our Donation Page.

Lilly is a black lab mix who is lost in the DC metro area. Lilly waited five years to find a forever home and was lost within 5 days of arriving to her new family. She is an exceptionally shy, timid dog and is quite afraid of people. Missing since June 28th, 2011 from the Beltsville Community Center in Beltsville, MD. Last seen on 7/13 on Hennessy Drive off Montgomery Rd in Beltsville. Please follow Lilly’s Blog and Lilly’s Facebook Page for updates!

Bently is a precious 6 month old puppy who being lost within hours of being adopted by his new family. He is also shy and most likely located in the Barrington, RI area. Missing since July 1st, and was last seen at the Baptist Church of Barrington on 25 Old Country Road, Barrington, RI.

And finally, adorable Annie who was being fostered by her adoring foster Mom and slipped out of her leash almost a month ago. There have been many sightings and Annie was even captured in a humane trap on July 8th, but sadly was able to escape again. Annie was last seen on July 11th on Dillon Lane in Swansea, MA.

Please help give us every resource possible to get these three dogs home safe! And, of course, if you have seen any of these dogs, please email us immediately!

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