In Memory of Junior

Last week, Junior, a PAWS rescue dog adopted by long-time PAWS volunteer Joanne Hutchinson, passed away. This is his story…

Junior and I met 4 years ago. He was returned I think three times to the shelter after his original family turned him in at ten years old.

He came to foster and I picked him up in New Hampshire – we actually have the video of Junior in his crate on the transport truck as another adopter was there and caught him on film.

The minute I got him home and saw him I knew he’d never leave. So he’s been with me ever since.

He was a funny dog and was able until about a year ago to come with us on our walks, always lagging a bit behind or sometimes he’d flat out turn around and head back to the car and that’s where we’d find him. Lately he was just happy to sleep and eat anything he could get his mouth around (although most of his teeth had to be removed shortly after arriving to me because of decay and pain).

The photo from the shelter with his red bandana is my favorite of him as I keep thinking he had no way of knowing that his life was about to get better – he was so affectionate and loving – always put his head on my shoulder when I picked him up. He was missing his right ear, we are not sure what happened to it but we called it his Lucky Ear.

He had many nick names, Junie, June Bug, Uncle June, Junie Joon.

Even lately tired as he was he’d come running in from the back yard when he could and run through the kitchen and then back out to the kitchen and then back into the living room and back out again – checking to see if food was in the works. I think I have it on film. I’m going to miss that so much as it was one thing that could always make me laugh without fail.

I love all my dogs but he was my guy. His brothers and sister loved him – Buggy the Frenchie licked him all day yesterday and Brady snuggled him all day as we hung out together.

I’ve attached a few photos… although right now it kills me to look at them I am so happy I have them.

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