Jake’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Tara:

Hi Joanne!

I am finally getting around to sending you some pictures of Jake and his new home -please forward some to his previous owner for me. Jake is truly the best dog that I have ever had!!!

He is so pleasant and friendly – he is excellent with Lily (the boston terrier) and is super with all the animals on the property – dogs, kitties and horses. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him because he is such a clown. I have honestly never seen a dog that was just so darn happy about life – he will dive on the ground and roll around, barking for no reason other than he is just having fun! You should have seen him during the first snow – I don’t think he had ever seen snow before and he was racing around in it and rolling and diving into snow banks – too cute!

I can’t thank you and your group enough for saving this dog – it would have been an absolute shame to put such a great dog to sleep – it pains me to think how many other dogs like him end up that way.

I am still interested in adopting another Boston terrier – so if you ever hear of one that might work for me (the dog would have to be good with people, dogs and kids) please let me know.

Happy New year!


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