Loveable Travis

Another happy ending…

It has been just about a month now since we adopted Travis for my parents and they are all doing great.

When I was visiting my parents today it is like Travis had lived there forever. He is such a good boy

He loves to look out the window and check out what is going on, on the street. He has met many of the neighborhood dogs as well as the other dogs in the family and they are all very compatible. My dad said he does really well on a leash and before we got all the snow this past week they were going on daily walks.

Coming from a large family (seven brothers and eleven grandchildren) there is always company at my parent’s home and Travis always greets everyone at the door with a wag and a toy. My parents have gotten so attached to Travis in such a short time.

Thank you both again for all your help in the adoption of Travis. He is truly the perfect pet for my parents.

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