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Maggie’s happy tail, shared by her new owner, Pat:

Dear Jo-Anne & Christen,

Sasha, aka Magnolia Mae (based on her Southern roots) aka Maggie is doing great. Since day one she warmed up to all the family including my 20 month old and 8 month old grandsons. She is doing great with her potty manners but I don’t trust her fully yet. She is getting use to the crate at night (as long as she can see me) and during the day. So far no chewing damage but she does like to bring out a shoe once in while to let me know if I don’t pay attention to her right then & now, this is what she “could” be chewing on. I had her groomed and she is so soft. The vet appointment is next week. We are getting her trained on our already installed Invisible Fence this weekend so after a leashed walk to the potty area, I can let her loose to chase all the vermin in my yard (bunnies, squirrels & birds). She has met her three year old nephew, Seamus, a Cairn Terrier, and they hit is off right away. My daughter says that not one female dog has ever liked Seamus. She doesn’t know why but they always snarl at him. Maggie loves him.

We are still learning about her and she is still learning about us. She truly has the makings of a great dog.

I’ve attached a couple a pictures of Maggie with my two grandsons. These were taken this past weekend.

Thanks for a wonderful dog.


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