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Molly & Abby

Molly and Abby’s happy tail, shared by their new owner, Liz:


We adopted Molly in February of 2007. We believe she is a border collie/shepherd mix – but who knows! We were looking for a black lab mix as a pal for our yellow lab Lucy, and when I saw a picture of Molly and her litter mates at Tipton, I knew we had found our new friend! Unfortunately, Molly’s 3 littermates fell ill and did not survive. Molly was the only one who made it, and I can’t tell you how grateful we are that she is a little fighter. Molly is perfect – she is smart, loyal, affectionate, and FUN! Molly’s favorite thing in the world is playing fetch, and she loves to learn new tricks. She loves our cats, and when we foster kittens here, Molly acts as a surrogate Mom – she cleans the kittens, sleeps with them and carries them around with her in her mouth. We are so lucky to have found her!!

Abby is a “foster failure” – we were supposed to find her a forever home, and we did – OURS! We fostered Abby and 3 of her littermates in our home, and we were unable to let Abby leave, so she became the 3rd dog in our pack. We originally thought that Abby was a pretty high lab mix, but now that she is full grown, we have no clue what we wound up with!! Whatever breed she is, she is a great dog – she is a typical annoying little sister to Lucy and Molly, and loves to play. She is smart, mischievous, and such a funny dog. Abby loves belly rubs and likes to roll in the mud to get her pretty white coat all dirty. We can’t thank PAWS New England enough for being the reason that Molly and Abby came in to our lives!!


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