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Monty’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Steve:


A couple of things are evident:

  1. He’s the boss.
  2. He’s as sweet as they come.
  3. He’s got energizer batteries in there somewhere.

The boys decided that Vito didn’t really fit him and it didn’t flow off the tongue the way Max and Maggie did. So Vito is now Monty. He’s a perfect Monty. Max and Monty.

We got home and is was snowing like crazy. Max came out after being alone (for the longest time in his life I think) and couldn’t figure out what to make of Monty. Monty thinks he’s a big dog and Max has always been such a gentleman. Monty was following Max everywhere and jumping and running and flopping in the snow. He hasn’t stopped. He’s collected all of Max’s toys, plus his huge beef bone and decided that this must be heaven. Max just lets him too. I took a bunch of photos but the snow made it difficult. I’ll send some anyway. I’ve got to read up on how to photograph a black dog. Max is so easy to photograph but Monty is one big black dot. He’s got a new crate, it’s right in our family room, he’s got a new tug toy and a squeaky bone (which Max likes). He HATES to be alone. Right now everyone is eating and Max is in my office with me. Monty is squawking…now he’s quiet. Hmmmm, he’s a good boy!


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