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Murphy’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Caroline:

Hi Heather,

Hope you had a nice holiday.

I am just writing to let you know that Murphy’s tumor is completely gone! After months of trying to apply hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin everyday to the big baby, it’s gone. We were so thrilled the day I came home to him and saw that it had disappeared. He is doing fantastic; he’s a fast learner yet still a big baby. He loves his mom and dad and still gives me that look whenever I leave the house. He can sit, paw, lay down, stay, heel and even Speak now! He is usually very quiet, but once you get him going, he loveesss to talk. I have attached a couple pictures of him; perched on our bed by the window (his favorite spot), in his snow gear to go out in the storm!-(it’s a little fuzzy due to being taken by my cell) and some of him playing with his dad. He is a huge mommy’s boy, he could be out like a light and if I get up- he’s up and following me. We adore him; he can be a handful but so worth every second. I can’t believe he has been with us for 6 months already. Although sometimes it feels like we’ve always had him. Just thought I would let you know that’s he is great and the tumor is no more.

Hope you, your family and your foster doggies are well.

Have a wonderful New Years,


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