PAWS and Especially for Pets Partner Up!

The pups and volunteers at PAWS could not be more excited! This week we learned that PAWS New England has been chosen by Especially for Pets in Newton to partner in their program called Especially for Pets in the Community: The Adoption Initiative. PAWS will be the designated charity of the Especially for Pets store in Newton from July 1st until December 30th, 2010!

Four years ago, Especially for Pets instituted a program called Especially for Pets in the Community: The Adoption Initiative. Especially for Pets has teamed up with local non-profits and rescue organizations to promote pets available for adoption as well as to raise awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. It is their ultimate goal to educate their customers about what the specific organizations do, to collect donations for their use and, ultimately to help the organizations to place homeless animals in permanent, loving homes. In 2009, they collected over $8000 in product and donations for local non-profits as a result of this program.

Especially for Pets, an independent pet supply retailer with seven locations in Massachusetts, is committed to educating their customers and making a difference in their communities. Especially for Pets is dedicated to responsible pet care and their retail stores serve as venues for teaching and educating the public. As a company, they recognize their responsibility to contribute to the solution of the problem of homeless and abandoned animals. Please consider thanking Especially for Pets with your patronage as this socially conscious business has a strong commitment to the welfare of animals.

You can visit their stores to check out their Adoption Boards to see photos of the pets available for adoption and/or pick up a copy of their

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