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Meet Leyla! Leyla is a one and a half year old husky mix that came to PAWS in March. Leyla was one of the millions of dogs in America who have roamed the streets her entire life. She was born outside about a year and a half ago to another stray dog. She continued this cycle by having her own puppy just a few months ago. Her story is all too common and this is why animal overpopulation gets so out of hand.

Leyla’s story diverged from the common tale of a stray dog because she did not end up at the pound and on the list to be euthanized. Sadly, that is the fate so many other homeless animals face. It is tragic that the Humane Society of the United States estimates that 4-6 million pets are euthanized each year due to overpopulation. Especially when this number would not be nearly as high if every pet owner spayed and neutered their dogs and cats.

As Leyla is a formerly feral dog, she was terrified of people when she came to PAWS. In fact, she would spend the majority of her day in hiding with her face to the wall. She did not want to be touched or even looked at. She would shut down in

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