PAWS Volunteer Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands…

Chica at the Manhatten City Pound

When PAWS volunteer Joan Devine heard that there was an 18 year old mix that was dropped off at a Manhatten pound after her owner had died, she could not stand it. Reports were surfacing all over rescue message boards that this poor dog was simply terrified and needed to get rescued immediately before she was put to sleep. Joanie knew that PAWS was closed because of the flooding that destroyed our sanctuary, but that didn’t stop her. The next thing she knew, she was driving to Manhatten to get “Chica” out of the pound.

Chica gets a makeover!

Joanie writes, “When I first saw her, I held my breath. She was a dirty, matted mess. She had trouble even holding her back end up. We put her in the shower and bathed her 5 times with shampoo to get the water to run semi clear.” Chica was lucky that Joanie acted when she did. Chica suffered from tape worm, a skin infection, some of the worst matting we have ever seen, and a serious upper respiratory infection that would have most likely killed her if left untreated for a few more days. Incredibly, with a few weeks of TLC from her foster Mom, some donated supplies from Club Canine in Bristol (thank you Elena!!), Chica has made herself right at home. Joanie writes, “She doesn’t demand much of anything. She loves to follow me around the house…to the mailbox, to take out the trash. Slowly she has gained some muscle and stability in her rear legs. She has attempted to run a few times…today, she actually pulled it off…like she was frolicking. It made my heart sing!”

A new woman!

Joanie decided to hold a fundraiser for PAWS to help cover Chica’s vetting costs and bring PAWS one step closer to reopening. Joanie is the former owner of “A Leg Up Bowtique” and is selling off many of the items from her old store, as well as donations from other local small business owners. Please check out her facebook gallery of items for sale! All proceeds raised from this online tag sale will go to PAWS. The tag sale ends on Sunday, October 10th.

Chica continues to thrive with Joanie: “Yesterday I saw her roll onto her back and scratch her back. I would never have thought that possible when I first saw her. I went down there hoping that age 18 was a typo, when it wasn’t….of course I couldn’t leave her there. I think she is experiencing some things for the first time…being a city dog and all…like water and waves, grassy fields and new smells (I literally catching her smelling the flowers). It’s just so amazing how much these old dogs appreciate being saved. She just gives me that look, and that look says everything.”

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