Puppy Mill Rescue Project

The wonderful news is that the 35 dogs rescued from the puppy mill bust are currently safe in loving foster homes.

We are endlessly grateful to the many families that opened up their homes to these inspiring survivors. But, PAWS still needs your help! We have a crippling number of vet bills to pay from this large scale rescue and are desperately seeking donations.

Here’s a quick video. If you like it, please share it with your friends and family.

All of these dogs have been subject to untold amounts of cruelty for the sake of profit. Let’s show them that it is their turn to reap the benefits of our generosity! Please make a donation by clicking on the link below so PAWS has the resources we need to continue this life-saving work!

Click Here to Donate!

Want to help PAWS in our life-saving work? Donate, adopt, or volunteer your time.