Rogue’s happy tail, shared by her new owner, Shari:


I wanted to send some pictures along of Rogue (MeToo!) of her latest activities over the past couple of months! She is doing really, really well (although she has been getting in trouble for the past 2 weeks for suddenly chewing everything…blankets, windowsills, chair! I think she knows the honeymoon period is over and is testing the waters more. Little brat! She goes through chew toys like crazy). She has been digging like crazy in the back yard, too. We spend a lot of time back there playing. It is her favorite past time- she has her designates spots. Well, it is good for the gardens, she is aerating them for us!

We had a great time at the doggie B&B in VT. Hiking, dog social time (she is a bit shy, but made some friends!), agility training, chewing bones by the fireplace, snuggling in a HUGE bed and comforter. She has a natural talent for agility and I am looking to get her involved in competitions. She picked it up right away and was AWESOME at it…and she LOVES it!!! She is so smart and a natural at it. We are going to be building an agility course so we can practice. She was a princess for halloween (Molli, I know you just love that ;) but she didn’t win a prize oh well, but her brother got a prize for best costume (rooster). They are BFFs (yah, I am slowly learning the useless texting stuff) and wrestle a lot. She is a big hit with everyone! They just love her and think she is so cute.

She is the first one to greet us when we walk through the door and has actually learned how to smile (big teeth grinning smile!) and she grunts like crazy. Never heard a dog grunt before, but everytime we talk to her she grunts! She is in great physical shape with a lot of muscle from all of her playing and walks.

I guess I also want to say thanks so much for all of your efforts and getting her up here and saving her life and introducing her to us! You girls have the biggest hearts! I could not do it. But I am glad we found a place for at least one of them! She is an absolute gem, and so happy! And so are we!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,


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