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Rosie’s happy tail, shared by her new owner, Loren:

Shana and Jo Anne,

This is a pic I took of Rosie and me laying on the couch with John’s phone…and I put it as his phone wall paper without telling him. He loves it…

So, we go to the dog park a couple of times a week and Rosie runs her little heart out. She’s like the kid at school that gets along with everyone. She jumps on EVERYONE…and most people don’t care, but a couple people have gotten upset. My thought is you’re at a dog park. This is THEIR territory… Get over it :-) Maybe I’m just being a snotty overprotective mama of our girl.

She’s finally starting to eat dog bones instead of burying them all. We do find some raw hide bones stuck in the furniture. It’s pretty funny.

She comes in the car with me pretty much everywhere. She just sits and puts her head on the base of the window and looks at everything going by.

She’s becoming a pretty good listener. She’s pulled out of her chest harness 3 times – and each time she came to me when I called her.

So, just wanted to update you guys. Hope you are both doing well and finding homes for all the doggies.


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