Rupert’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Kelly:

Hi Joanne,

I thought I would give you a more detailed update on Rupert. The short of the long is he is doing great! He has adjusted really well and we have been bonding more and more.

He got his first bath on Saturday… that was funny now he walks into the shower almost every time he goes in the bathroom so I guess he was not to traumatized though I know he was not thrilled.

I was home sick on Tuesday and he was such a great little bed warmer. However, he didn’t fully understand that I was not staying home to play with him. He slept with me most of the day and kepped me warm however, he tried to get me to play several times by standing on me and or running around the room… I was not persuaded as I did not feel like getting out of bed.

He has been learning really fast as well. He has learned to sit and roll over. He is getting better at being left alone a bit better than before. He crises a bit and doesn’t mind the crate at all just being left alone.

I attached some photos from the beach as well as the chair that he has claimed as his own.

Thank you again. Rupert has been great.


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