The Continuing Story of Penny Lane, Julie Adams & Starbucks Lady…

Exactly 30 days ago, I boarded a plane bound for Missouri filled with determination and angst. The photos of Penny Lane and her puppies were burned in my head. Without the welcomed distraction of an internet connection, my mind drifted… How many people had walked by this suffering animal and newborn puppies and did nothing to help her? How painful it must have been with her inflammed, burned skin with no refuge from the unyielding Texas sun? How had she kept those puppies alive when she was barely surviving herself? And just as the plane landed, the thought that I was afraid to say out loud.. Were we too late?

Hours later, as I picked up my dear friend Julie Adams, my anxiety melted away. No matter what this trip had in store, I knew that we would give Penny and her puppies every resource we had at PAWS to get them safe and healthy. Maybe, in some small way, that would make up for the years of apathy and neglect she had experienced at the hands of humans.

Nothing could have prepared me for this life-changing trip. The video below tells the story of the last 30 days in a way words never could. We hope you will watch it and continue to follow Penny Lane’s story. She is one of the most exceptional dogs I have ever encountered and it has been a privilege to care for her… Starbucks Lady

Matching Campaign Extended

Over the 3 day 1,450 mile drive, we launched an aggressive monthly donation matching campaign. Our goal was to raise $3,000 in monthly donations to match a generous donation from the Deirdre Dickinson memorial fund. We successfully raised $1,800 in monthly donations and can not begin to express our thanks to the to 73 new monthly contributors who joined the PAWS cause! We know that we can raise that last portion of our goal with just a little more time, so we have extended the Monthly Matching Campaign for an additional 72 hours!

Between now and Sunday August 10th at 2pm EST, your monthly donation contributions will be matched! If you are not already, please consider becoming a PAWS monthly donor by clicking on the green button below. Penny and her puppies thank you for your contribution and want you to know that your generous donations are going to great use!


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