The Doggie Investigation Gang

The inspiration for the DIG series

Doggie Investigation Gang is a book series created and authored by PAWS supporter Shara Puglisi Katsos. Inspired by three real-life dogs, all profits from sales of the first book of the series will be donated to PAWS New England.

To pre-order the first book of the series, available in March 2014, please post on the Doggie Investigation Gang Facebook page or send an email to . Please provide the number of books you would like to order as well as if you would like to pre-order a CD version of the story and your contact information. The cost of the book and CD is to be determined.

About The Doggie Investigation Gang

The Doggie Investigation Gang (DIG) is no ordinary business. For starters, it is run completely by three dogs who happen to be best friends and partners for their own detective dog agency.

Cooper is a big yellow labrador, smart, and always ready for adventure. Charlie is a medium sized spaniel, who’s a bit of a worrier and always aware of his surroundings. Pedro is a little blind min pin with a fast smelling nose.

Join DIG as they solve their first mystery: The Case of the Missing Friend.

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