The “Fix Elvis’ Pelvis” Campaign

Elvis_2Last week, PAWS was notified of a beagle at Tipton County Animal Control who was in pain and could not walk. We hesitated to take him in as vet bills from other trauma cases have been piling up. However after 48 hours, when no other rescue group came forward, PAWS stepped in. The thought of precious Elvis spending another night at a pound with no access to medical care, was too much.

Elvis was pulled from the pound yesterday and is currently being evaluated at Shelby Center Hospital for Animals in Memphis, TN. Initial xrays indicate two severe breaks on either side of his pelvis requiring $3,500 of orthopedic surgery. The vephoto(2)ts believe he has the potential to walk again and make a near full recovery because he has retained neurologic function in both legs. Elvis was most likely hit by a car by someone who never even bothered to stop and help :( The volunteers at PAWS will ensure that humanity never lets him down like that again. We will ensure that he has outstanding medical care and receives a never ending supply of TLC.

To do this, we need your help! Please consider making a donation of any size by clicking the donate button below. There is no need to specify what the donation is for as all donations collected over the next two weeks will go directly towards Elvis’ care.


Every single person who meets Elvis comments on what a gentle, stoic, and amazing dog he is. We hope you will continue to follow Elvis’ story by following with us on facebook. Please “like” the PAWS New England Facebook page to receive frequent Elvis updates!

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