The Power of A Valentine

Valentine_Day_Card_ElvisThis year, instead of chocolates or flowers, consider giving a special pup the chance to walk again. Elvis is a beagle who was hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis. We hope our supporters will read his inspiring story below. In honor of Elvis, fellow PAWS pups will be hard at work making Valentine’s Day Cards (see example to left). These cards will be mailed to PAWS supporters to help raise funds for their buddy Elvis!

You can order personalized Valentine’s Day Cards by making a $25, $50, $75, or $100 donation to PAWS New England. All donations collected during this campaign will go to the “Fix Elvis’ Pelvis!” campaign. Please place all orders by Monday, Feb 11th at 8am! 2/11 Note: We are now only taking orders to send Valentines to Elvis as he doesn’t mind if the cards arrive a few days late ;)

Send cards to any dog-loving friend, family member, or your Valentine!

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