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Trinity was a bait dog who has been adopted by the most wonderful family. Trinity’s new family blogs about her at the website they created for her:

Hi All,

Well it’s been eight days and Trinity has been everything that you all said she was. We’re attaching a couple of pictures that we took this week. The first is Trinity and the girls right before we had dinner tonight. Trinity likes to sit under the table and has been great during dinner time. The second picture is Trinity watching as Kyle and the girls made cookies the other night. Since the snow last week we’ve had some good days up here. Following 24 hours of straight rain on Friday and Saturday the sun finally came out today, and it made everyone very excited. We went to the park and Trinity is able to run around in a fenced area for a while. She has been great on her morning walks and has even stopped pulling on the leash for us. She went to her first athletic event today (Tom is an Asst. Athletic Director at Central Connecticut State University) and she is a hit with everyone. We took her to the vet on Monday and she weighed in at 58 pounds, Joanne we will fax you the paperwork from her exam. She was the perfect patient and everyone there loved her. We have been to the pet store just about every day and it take 3-4 times as long because everyone has to stop and say hello to her. She met her Nana (Tom’s mom) last week and did great with her and the girls while she babysat. She also met some friend’s dogs and is fabulous with them.

That’s about it from here, just wanted to give everyone an update and a few ics.

We’ll stay in touch.

Tom, Kyle, Bella and Sophie Family

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