Trooper’s Surgery Fund

A military family emailed us yesterday, desperate for help for their 9 month old German Shepherd Trooper who had developed an intestinal blockage and needed emergency surgery. During these tough economic times, they were unable to come up with the funds to pay the vet and were actually sent home with Trooper when he was in horrific pain.

The family was not willing to give up or allow their dog to suffer.

They began to send out frantic emails to every rescue organization in the New England area, trying to get emergent funds. They took out a small credit line to help get Trooper back to the vet immediately and he is set for surgery today.

The family especially broke our hearts when they said that, if it meant Trooper’s life would be saved, they would give up their beloved dog to a rescue group so he could get his surgery. We simply can not allow some of our country’s heroes to have to make a terrible decision like that.

Please make a contribution to Trooper’s Fund. Click here.

All donations are tax deductible and PAWS will call the veterinarian directly and make a payment on his bill. Thank you for your support!

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