Update on Mikey the German Shepard [Photos]

Two weeks ago, we first learned about Mikey, a loving German Shepard who was abandoned by his owner (click here to read Mikey’s story).

Today, we received an update from Barbara and Amy, two PAWS Rescue Coordinators:

Here are photos of Mikey from yesterday. This was just after we finished his exam with good news!

He is being allowed moderate exercise, at his pace, as well as multiple medication to help improve the arthritis he has in his hips. The hope is that the meds will begin to reverse and also improve what has already built up around his hips and joints!

His current weight is 108 lbs – with a goal weight at 80 – so he is on a diet! Once the extra weight comes off, it will also help to relieve the excess stress on his hips and joints.

His wounds are healing, and we have added a topical skin promoting cream to his daily plan.

Right now they are limiting the amount of stairs he is allowed to do. This may change after the excess weight is gone, but for now – peace quiet and relaxing is what he needs.

I have attached photos from his vet visit, a good grooming (at a later date), a little bit of weight loss, and a little exercise will do him well!

He is a happy boy!

New Pics of Mikey

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