Valentine’s Day cards to celebrate love and loyalty


You can order these cards for your loved ones by making a donation of $25 per card by Friday, February 5th. You can celebrate your love for them and your love of saving animals in just a few clicks!

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This year, instead of chocolate or flowers, commemorate Valentine’s Day with a gift that saves lives. With the help of talented photographer Sarah Montani, PAWS New England has created a card that you can send to the loved ones in your life. The card celebrates the story of Ginger and Maddie; an inseparable pair who have endured both the love and loss of an amazing adoptive home. PAWS New England understands that life’s toughest moments require the strongest friendships. And sometimes that means keeping two inseparable dogs together, no matter how difficult the challenge.  The girls learned early on that they can always count on each other. Thankfully, the last seven years have also taught them that they can always count on PAWS New England.

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