Volunteer Spotlight: Ali Avallon

Profession: Internet Marketing & Cosmetologist

Current pets: 1-Adopted our PAWS foster, the famous Reggie Love! Also have a fat tabby cat at my Mom’s.

How were you introduced to PAWS?
I was looking around on the web for programs that needed fosters for dogs, especially Bully Breeds (my favorite)! I found Paws, filled out an app, and was immediately contacted by the ever-so-awesome Jenn F.!

What do you do as a volunteer?
So far, I’ve fostered and helped bring dogs to events.

Favorite PAWS Volunteer moment?
My favorite moment has to be when we were on our way to an event in Connecticut…we had Reggie, another foster Sophie, as well as 2 fosters from Reading…we stopped at a rest-stop with a caged in area for dogs, and let all 4 of them roam the area. We were then joined by another owner and his 2 dogs, and they all ran around and played. It was the cutest thing to see them being, well, dogs! Here you have these 4 ‘misfit’ dogs that were returned by their families or not taken care of…and there they were, having the time of their lives, well behaved and galloping around at a rest-stop. It was the littlest thing but I remember it so clear! :-)

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