Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea White


Profession: Accounting Manager

Current Pets: 3 dogs: Great Dane, Aussie mix, Border Collie mix.
3 cats

How were you introduced to PAWS? My dear friend Emma who has volunteered and also adopted from PAWS. I was moved to foster (and then adopt) my senior 3 legged Aussie mix Mitsu.

What do you do as a volunteer? Foster mom

Favorite PAWS volunteer moment? I was taking Dean, my very shy lab foster to his first event and right before we entered the building, he slipped his collar. I was terrified he would bolt on a very busy street because I hadn’t had him long and he was so scared of everything. I quickly dropped to my knees and called him in a happy, excited voice and he came to me. I picked him up and carried him in. I bought a harness before we left the building. It was my proudest (and scariest) moment. I knew I was making a difference in his world and he trusted me. When a shy dog begins to trust you is the most wonderful feeling.

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