Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Metcalfe

Profession: Graphic Designer

Current pets: Lila, dog, female, lab/pit mix. Rosie, kitten, female, just plain cute. Rhino, rat, kind of gross, but I like him. Dirt, fish, (my son Wyatt named him).

How long have you been a volunteer? Since December of 2010.

How were you introduced to PAWS?

I contacted them after finding them on the internet. I had wanted to get another dog but when I looked into fostering it seemed like a better plan. I filled out a request to foster and passed the test!

Since then I have met so many wonderful people and had some really great experience.

What do you do as a volunteer?

I am mostly a foster mom. I try to attend any animal fairs and/or meet and greets that PAWS is going to attend to get my foster dog seen. Pictures don’t always do them justice! You have to meet them to really fall in love.

Favorite Volunteer Moment

My daughter, Georgia, who is 7, and I spend a lot of time together because we both bond with the foster pups. She attends all the meet and greets with me.

It’s our special project and we get to spend more time together because of it.

From a dog aspect there is not one instant that sticks out in my mind. Each pup has brought a wonderful experience into our home, some quite hilarious!

It’s amazing how they open up to you when you show them love and affection (also a couch and a bed to share!)

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