Volunteer Spotlight: Elaine O’Donohue

Profession: Histologist

Current pets: Sophie, 6yo schnoodle; Maggie May, 7yo terrier mix; Lily, 13yo cat; Snickers, 3yo Maine Coon (In the pic, Sophie (black) & Maggie)

How long have you volunteered? Since Feb 2010
How were you introduced to PAWS? Found PAWS on line when searching for a way to help shelter dogs.

What do you do as a volunteer? I started by checking references on applications. Now I foster, do my own applications and do home visits for other adoption coordinators.

My favorite volunteer moment was when I saw my dogs looking into the dining room with clearly puzzled expressions because my foster, Brandon, was standing in the middle of the dining room table. I also love picking up the dogs at transport.

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