Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Frankavitz

Profession: Photographer

Current pets: Riley Monster!

How were you introduced to PAWS? I originally wanted to adopt another dog, but was living in a very small apartment at the time and knew that having two dogs permanently was not an option. After casually searching for an adoptable dog I realized just how many pit bulls there were in need of help – be it a foster home or even just someone to advocate for their breed. I began searching for rescues to volunteer with and came across PAWS. It seemed like the pretty diverse rescue and I loved PAWS mission. I also liked that PAWS is an all-breed rescue and didn’t just focus on one group of dogs. PAWS will take in any dog regardless of age, health or special needs which meant a lot to me. I am a huge advocate for bully breeds and knowing that PAWS wouldn’t turn down a dog because of breed meant a lot to me.

How long have you been volunteering? I have been volunteering for PAWS since early 2009.

What do you do as a volunteer? I volunteer in a variety of ways, all of which I love! First and foremost I foster for PAWS. I tend to take on a lot of pit bulls (many of whom have histories of abuse or neglect), who are in poor health or have some behavioral issues they need to work through before being placed into a forever home. I oversee our wonderful group of volunteer adoption coordinators who process all of PAWS’ adoption applications as well as coordinate all of our bully breed adoptions. I also coordinate various fundraisers when I’m able to which involves anything from hand making PAWS holiday cards to holding photo shoots that benefit PAWS dogs.

What is one of your favorite experiences volunteering with PAWS so far? It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite experience, but I would have to say that traveling to TN was one of them. I drove down to TN with several other PAWS volunteers and got to meet the many incredible volunteers on the other side of PAWS who I wouldn’t typically get to interact with. It was wonderful to see our sanctuary in person and meet many of the dogs who were listed for adoption. We drove back to New England with 16 dogs who were going to foster or forever homes. After spending 30 hours on the road with 16 dogs it certainly gave me a better appreciation for all that our sanctuary volunteers and transport drivers do as well!

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